About Us

About the Brand

Authenticity and mastery drive the creativity of the brand. McOye Couture comprises of MCOYE WOMAN, MCOYR BRIDE, and MCOYE RTW. We accompany our clients through every moment of their life, creating a MCOYE fit just for you.

Authentic African Heritage

We pride ourselves on preserving and celebrating authentic African heritage through our clothing designs, which showcase traditional African prints and craftsmanship, making our brand a true representation of African culture.

About Us

Empowerment of African Artisans

By partnering directly with African artisans and craftsmen, we empower local communities and support sustainable livelihoods, fostering economic growth and preserving traditional craftsmanship for future generations.

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Innovative Digital Experience

Leveraging the latest digital technology, we provide a seamless online shopping experience, complete with virtual try-on features and interactive design tools, making it convenient for our customers to explore and purchase our products from anywhere.

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The Founder


Oyeronke Oyewole

Born in October 1984, Oyeronke Oyewole founded McOye Couture in 2015 in Nigeria before relocating to the United Kingdom.

Armed with the vision to use fashion as a tool for the promotion of African culture to the world, foster relationships between women of different race, and to create employment in Nigeria, Oyeronke invested in creativity, value and professionalism.

An MSc graduate from the University of Lincoln, with a background in Communiation and Marketing, Oyeronke leveraged her expertise in exhibiting her work to the world thereby providing income opportunities for local artisans in Africa.

Oyeronke believes strongly in empowering and enriching womens ego through fashion, making them standout in every event and exhibiting the African vibrancy in local prints merged with contemporary gobal influences. With her fashion sense, Oyeronke has brought races together through unity in diversity.